Haiku for COVID times

A neighbor invited many to offer some haiku for the times of the COVID-19 virus.

Here are some of mine.

Infectious laugh.
A lovely gliding boat ride.
One cough. Birds scatter!

Shining summertime.
Boats glide across the water.
But first, healthy masks.

Boat parties sound fun!
One bad, sudden cough erupts!
Long swim to dry shore.

Springtime flowers bloom.
The birds are happy this year.
Don’t they watch the news?

I choose healthy food,
Solid news sources, good friends.
Why carry ill will?

Extra time at home.
Time for those resolutions?
Maybe tomorrow.

Quarantine Haiku?
Westerners as Asian bards?
Let’s write limericks!

New word for the year
Look ma! I can spell.

Cheap seats on airplanes?
Cruise ship discounts? Low rent inns?
Don’t pay in advance.

Eager shoppers beg.
Long-haired, long-nailed patrons plea.
Now? Are we there yet?

Fast reopening.
The early bird gets the bug.
I’m no canary.

Point right, left, East, West.
Blaming fingers miss the mark.
Focus on the bug.

Five, seven, five beats.
Are Haiku our heart’s rhythm?
Or just stutter poems?

Think outside the box.
Boundaries separate us.
We’re in the same boat.

Free ride on the lake?
Best to take a solo ride.
Not for me. No thanks.