The Nessness of Ness

Some suffixes are an afterthought, while others define or refine the essence of the word before.
Ness is like that.

Ness and -ness are about more than the thing itself, about the meta-ness of any concept, place, person, or thing.
Ness is like that.

800px-Nessie cc Paul Hermans

As the Vikings explored, they mapped the territory. A Ness is a promontory, a vantage point for seeing further.
Ness is like that.

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Ness may refer to:
Ness (Irish mythology), a princess in Irish mythology. More about this can be found in comic form (!) by the artist Patrick Brown

The Germanic/Nordic word for promontory, found in Northern European placenames
Loch Ness, a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands Loch Ness Monster, a cryptid that is reputed to inhabit Loch Ness

River Ness, links the Loch to the North Sea at Inverness, Scotland, UK
Ness: East Ness & West Ness, Ryedale, North Yorkshire
Ness, Lewis, the most northerly area on Lewis, Scotland, UK
Ness Football Club, Football club based in the Western Isles
Bo’ness, a town in Scotland, UK
Lowestoft Ness, most easterly point of the UK
Orford Ness, shingle spit and bird sanctuary in Suffolk, England, UK
Ness, Cheshire, a village in Cheshire on the Wirral Peninsula, England, UK
Ness Botanic Gardens, owned by the University of Liverpool and located on the Wirral Peninsula, England (located in Ness, Cheshire, UK)
Ness City, Kansas
Ness Township, Minnesota

Caithness, a Scottish county
Dungeness (headland), shingle promontory and site of a nuclear power station in Kent, England
Inverness, a Scottish city, Capital of the Highlands
Langness Peninsula, in the Isle of Man
Sharpness Point, a promontory at Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, England, UK
Sheerness, an English town in Kent
Shoeburyness, an Essex Town on the North Bank of the Thames Estuary
Stromness, a harbour town in the Orkney Isles
Alness, a Scottish town
Skegness, a north sea coastal town in East Lincolnshire.
Hamars Ness, a headland on the island of Fetlar in Shetland
Milton Ness, a coastal landform along the coast of the North Sea
Scurdie Ness, a headland to the South of Montrose and the name of the lighthouse located there

Ness Computing, Personal search company
Ness Technologies, Global provider of IT services and solutions
Ness Foundation, a medical research charity near Inverness, Scotland
New England Skeptical Society (NESS), a skeptical organization

Ness, also NE2S, shortened versions of name used by French rapper Nessbeal
Ness, Eliot (1903-1957) American lawman
Ness, Edwards (1897–1968), Welsh Labour Party politician
Ness, Flowers, Welsh former rugby player
Ness, Wadia (born 1970), Indian businessman
Ness (surname)

The surname Ness may refer to:

Don Ness (born 1974), American politician from Duluth, Minnesota
Eliot Ness (1903–1957), American Prohibition agent
James Van Ness (1808–1872), seventh mayor of San Francisco, USA from 1855 to 1856
Steinar Ness (born 1959), Norwegian politician for the Centre Party

Arts and Entertainment
Mike Ness (born 1962), American guitarist, vocalist, and chief songwriter for the punk rock band Social Distortion
Dan Ness (1975-) Portland, OR-area artist
Evaline Ness (1911–1986), American commercial artist and illustrator for award winning children’s books
Jennifer Ness (born 1972), English actress best known for her role as murderess Kris Yates in the ITV drama Bad Girls
Patrick Ness (born 1971), American author, journalist and lecturer
Tigilau Ness, Niuean New Zealand activist and reggae artist

Brad Ness, Australian wheelchair basketballer
Erin Ness (born 1978), American poker player, former photo producer for Maxim Magazine, and television personality
Harry Ness, a footballer
Jack Ness (1885–1957), first baseman in Major League Baseball
Jamie Ness (born 1991), Scottish footballer
Nate Ness (born 1986), American football cornerback and safety
Ness Flowers, Welsh former rugby player
Thormod Ness (born 1972), Norwegian football coach and former player

Carl Van Ness, curator and historian at the University of Florida
Immanuel Ness, teaches political science at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Other fields
Arlen Ness, American entrepreneur and motorcyclist
Charles Ness, a senior Royal Air Force commander
Dan Ness (Sr.) (1923-2013), a U.S. Air Force pilot and Lt. Colonel
Dan Ness, Jr. (born 1957), an information technology industry analyst and award-winning author
Helge Ness (1861–1928), Norwegian botanist
Terje Ness (born 1972), Norwegian chef